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One Mobile MRP App, Customized for Every Department

Streamline your manufacturing operations at every touchpoint. Zeymo’s mobile application equips your teams with job-specific, data-rich dashboards to help them meet demand and stay productive.

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Our Happy Customers

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Don’t overwhelm your teams with extraneous information. Zeymo’s mobile MRP app provides role-based features and visuals, meaning your employees will only ever see data that’s essential to their jobs. With this knowledge at their fingertips, they can make smarter decisions, streamline their day-to-day tasks, and support overarching business goals - whether they’re in the warehouse or on the road. 

Production Scheduling Features


Track business-critical KPIs, such as instant P&L results and gross profit margins, and follow customer comparison and sales trends in real time.

Sales Teams

Add orders, send statements of accounts, and check expected commission rates. Sales managers can monitor and evaluate their team’s progress in a separate dashboard.


Get your fleet on the road quickly. Drivers can check the orders loaded in their trucks, follow time-efficient Google Maps routes, and capture delivery signatures with ease.

Stock Keepers

Oversee end-to-end stock management processes, from receiving purchase orders to loading fleet trucks and conducting stock audits.

Operations Teams

All of your manufacturing requirements, listed in one clear dashboard. View current, and future orders, schedule production accordingly, and adjust manufacturing quantities.

POS Teams

Speed up shopfloor sales with the touch of a button. Salespeople can look up products with a quick QR code scan and pick and sell items in a cart with one click.


Manage Operations Anywhere, Anytime

Automated Stock Tracking

Stay proactive in inventory management with Zeymo's MRP. We ensure end-to-end updates and insights on your stock movements and inventory levels. Experience enhanced efficiency, prevent stockouts, and optimize your supply chain easily.

Mobile App

Access every manufacturing information on the go — no matter where you are. the mobile app keeps you connected and apprised of all activities in your business manufacturing processes.

Data Storage

Worried about losing crucial production data? Not anymore. Every processed data on Zeymo is stored on a cloud interface that’s easily synced to your account. You can now access collated data anytime and on any device, even when away from your office.


We Speak Numbers


Increase in Sales



In Production Efficiency


Accelerated order fulfillment


Calculated Return on investment

Empower Every Corner of Your Manufacturing Company

Zeymo’s mobile application places timely, accurate data into the hands of those who need it. With role-based dashboards and finely-tuned features, you can increase productivity across all departments. The result? Efficient manufacturing processes, from those initial all-important sales conversations to product delivery.

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