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Streamline your Accounting Activities

​Zeymo’s cloud accounting capabilities will save you time, decrease accounting and financial errors, and allow you to track profitability in real time on any device.

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Our Happy Customers

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Zeymo Accounting Features


  • Automated transaction recording

  • Real-time profit and loss reports

  • Live margin monitoring

Cloud Accounting Features

Chart of Accounts

Create & modify accounts matching your requirements, categorize & track financial transactions in real-time, generate reports seamlessly and maintain accounting precision & clarity.

Journal Vouchers

Effortlessly create & manage multiple types of journal vouchers to ensure flexible & dynamic financial management. 

Expenses Management

Manage expenses, payments, and receipts in real-time, all in one place, and achieve clarity and accuracy in cost tracking.

Multi & Dual Base Currency

Conduct & record transactions in various currencies, maintain accounts in two base currencies simultaneously and effortlessly operate in multiple economic environments.


We Speak Numbers


Increase in Sales



In Production Efficiency


Accelerated order fulfillment


Calculated Return on investment

Move Your Accounting to the Next Level

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