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A holistic view of your manufacturing processes in real-time

Zeymo's cloud-based MRP enables you to monitor production statuses, track inventory levels, and gain maximum control over every aspect of your manufacturing processes with no restriction to time and place.

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Our Happy Customers

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Our data-driven scalable solution evolves with your business, ensuring you are always equipped with the latest tools and technologies to stand out from the bunch. 


With Zeymo, you can optimize your manufacturing operations, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions based on accurate data.


Zeymo unlocks unrestricted scalability at any level of business growth.

Manufacturing Features

Manufacturing Orders

Initiate and regulate your production processes through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. Enjoy a smooth and organized production capacity evaluation while armed with real-time data for informed decision-making.

Inventory Marking

Easily track and compare planned versus actual ingredients for your orders, ensuring precise control over costs and boosting efficiency in your manufacturing process.

Operation Cost

Zeymo MRP helps you avoid costing errors by providing a detailed breakdown of your manufacturing operations costs at a glance. This simplifies budgeting, planning, and execution by allowing you to track and report manufacturing costs seamlessly.

Automated vouchers journaling

Bid farewell to manual journal entries. Zeymo's MRP system automates accurate and timely journal entries to streamline your financial recording process. Now, you can save time and mitigate costly errors in inventory management.


Manage Operations Anywhere, Anytime

Automated Stock Tracking

Stay proactive in inventory management with Zeymo's MRP. We ensure end-to-end updates and insights on your stock movements and inventory levels. Experience enhanced efficiency, prevent stockouts, and optimize your supply chain easily.

Mobile App

Access every manufacturing information on the go — no matter where you are. the mobile app keeps you connected and apprised of all activities in your business manufacturing processes.

Data Storage

Worried about losing crucial production data? Not anymore. Every processed data on Zeymo is stored on a cloud interface that’s easily synced to your account. You can now access collated data anytime and on any device, even when away from your office.


We Speak Numbers


Increase in Sales



In Production Efficiency


Accelerated order fulfillment


Calculated Return on investment

Automate your manufacturing processes with Zeymo’s MRP.

Zeymo will elevate your manufacturing operations to the next level by allowing you to effectively create and follow through manufacturing orders, ensuring timely delivery, excellent cost control and profitability, and minimization of errors.

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