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Manufacture With Foresight, Powered by Data

Zeymo Analytics unlocks actionable insights and provides future predictions, enabling you to streamline operations, make data-driven decisions, and achieve sustainable growth.

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Zeymo empowers you with live data feeds, predictive analytics, and actionable intelligence so you can get past fragmented information, siloed systems, and outdated reports — and make informed choices to fine-tune operations and achieve sustainable growth. No more hindered visibility!

Analytics Features

Statement of Accounts

Deep dive into any account or data set for granular financial analysis, understanding the details behind any transaction to optimize budgets and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Trial Balance

Generate accurate trial balances in seconds and streamline month-end closing to stay on top of your financial health.

Balance Sheet

Gain instant access to your company's financial position with dynamic balance sheet reports. Track assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity to make informed business decisions.

General Ledger

Explore transactions across all accounts effortlessly with Zeymo's user-friendly general ledger that helps you analyze trends and identify discrepancies to ensure financial accuracy.

Sales Rep. Performance Comparison

Empower your sales team with comparative reports that help you track individual and team performance, identify top performers, and implement strategies to boost sales effectiveness.

Mobile Access for KPIs

Stay on top of key performance indicators (KPIs) anytime, anywhere, with the Zeymo mobile app. Make informed choices and ensure operational excellence even on the go.

Profit & Loss

Understand your profitability at a glance with comprehensive profit and loss statements. What’s more? Analyze revenue, expenses, and margins to improve efficiency and maximize bottom-line growth.

Aged Payables & Receivables

Gain real-time insights into outstanding invoices and payments while optimizing cash flow, managing payment terms, and preventing late payments with detailed aging reports.

PowerBI Integration

Uncover advanced data intelligence with Microsoft PowerBI integration by creating custom dashboards and visualizing complex information. The outcome? Data-driven decisions with unparalleled clarity.


Manage Operations Anywhere, Anytime

Automated Stock Tracking

Stay proactive in inventory management with Zeymo's MRP. We ensure end-to-end updates and insights on your stock movements and inventory levels. Experience enhanced efficiency, prevent stockouts, and optimize your supply chain easily.

Mobile App

Access every manufacturing information on the go — no matter where you are. the mobile app keeps you connected and apprised of all activities in your business manufacturing processes.

Data Storage

Worried about losing crucial production data? Not anymore. Every processed data on Zeymo is stored on a cloud interface that’s easily synced to your account. You can now access collated data anytime and on any device, even when away from your office.


We Speak Numbers


Increase in Sales



In Production Efficiency


Accelerated order fulfillment


Calculated Return on investment

Lead Your Business with Data You Can Trust

Crystal-clear insights, guiding your every move. That's what Zeymo does for you by transforming complex data into valuable intelligence, helping you streamline operations, maximize margins, and achieve manufacturing excellence.

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