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Unlock On-Demand Inventory Data

Zeymo’s intuitive MRP system gives you total inventory control with instant insights for precision tracking, optimized production flow, and seamless order fulfillment—anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Zeymo allows you to easily, accurately, and automatically track inventory levels and stock movements with real-time product valuations, so you can make data-driven decisions that reduce wasted costs, improve efficiency, and boost profitability, all while meeting customer demands on time, every time.

Inventory Management Features

Customized Product Lists and Categories

Refine your database with fully customizable product lists and categories for easy and intuitive inventory navigation from one centralized dashboard.

Real-Time Stock Valuation

Get real-time inventory insights with customizable Last In, First Out (LIFO) or average cost methods for precise stock analysis that mitigates overstocking, stockouts, and production delays.

Live MRP Management

Instantly access intelligent inventory data with live tracking of every item for effortless Material Resources Planning (MRP), from raw ingredient to finished product.

Complete Stock Movement Visibility

Easily track inward and outward stock movements with automatic quantity calculations based on confirmed orders, ensuring accurate Material Resources Planning, timely adjustments, and efficient product availability.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Optimize inventory distribution and tracking with integrated support for multiple warehouses, providing centralized control and visibility into stock levels across all of your locations.

Batch and Expiry Date Monitoring

Guarantee product freshness and reduce aging stock with in-depth batch management, expiry date monitoring, and accurate stock identification.

Full Traceability

Instantly retrieve exact batch details of any ingredient with total traceability to facilitate quality control, recall readiness, and regulatory compliance.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Create and manage bills of materials for manufactured products with expected resource and time usage to streamline production planning for improved execution and cost savings.

Inventory Management Mobile App

Enjoy on-the-go management of transfers, receipts, dispatches, and stock audits with Zeymo’s user-friendly mobile app, providing a powerful MRP solution right in the palm of your hand.


Manage Operations Anywhere, Anytime

Automated Stock Tracking

Stay proactive in inventory management with Zeymo's MRP. We ensure end-to-end updates and insights on your stock movements and inventory levels. Experience enhanced efficiency, prevent stockouts, and optimize your supply chain easily.

Mobile App

Access every manufacturing information on the go — no matter where you are. the mobile app keeps you connected and apprised of all activities in your business manufacturing processes.

Data Storage

Worried about losing crucial production data? Not anymore. Every processed data on Zeymo is stored on a cloud interface that’s easily synced to your account. You can now access collated data anytime and on any device, even when away from your office.


We Speak Numbers


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Accelerated order fulfillment


Calculated Return on investment

Boost Efficiency With Total Inventory Control

Track stock movements in real-time across all locations. Get instant inventory insights like stock valuations and average costs for easy and efficient MRP management, from raw ingredient to product delivery.

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